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5 Car Maintenance Services You Shouldn’t Skip This Fall

5 Car Maintenance Services You Shouldn’t Skip This Fall

Fall is here! While we may not notice too many changes here in Culver City, the changing seasons is a good time to remember to give our cars a good “check-up.” It’s important to keep up with regular vehicle maintenance services to ensure that our automobiles stay running better, longer, as well as better keep their resale value.

According to the National Car Care Council, there are a handful of vehicle components that you should have checked on a regular basis. Before you talk yourself out of taking your car in for a check-up, consider the following vehicle components that should be checked regularly so they don’t cause more damage and cost more money in the long run should they break down.

5 Car Maintenance Services You Shouldn’t Skip This Fall


1. Cooling System – The entire cooling system should be checked, including the radiator, coolant, belts and hoses, cooling fans, heater core, and water pump. If you’re planning on traveling anywhere colder this Fall or Winter, your car’s radiator and belts/hoses should be checked as well. They take a beating during the colder months, which can lead to serious engine deterioration if not fixed. Be sure your cooling system is good to go this Autumn, before any damage ensues!

2. Heaters, Defrosters & Windshield Wipers – It’s a good idea to make sure your heaters, defrosters, and windshield wipers are all functioning properly when you get a chance. As a general rule of thumb, wiper blades should be replaced every six months.

3. Tires – Make sure your tires are road trip ready by checking both the tire pressure and tire tread. Tire pressure fluctuates with the changing temperatures, and will decrease approximately one pound per every 10 degrees Fahrenheit. For tire tread, the minimum acceptable tread depth is 3/32 inch—that’s the distance from the edge of a penny to the top of Abe’s head.

4. Steering and Suspension – We recommend having your vehicle’s suspension and front end alignment checked annually, including ball joints, tie rods and steering components.

5. Oil Change – Be aware of how often your specific automobile requires an oil change. A typical car should have an oil change at least every 5,000 miles, but refer to your owner’s manual for your car’s recommendations. Oil changes are one of the simplest, yet most important, car maintenance services, and definitely not something to skip out on!


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