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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Invisible Car Technology is Real: Transparent Hood is Revealing

Invisible Car Technology is Real: Transparent Hood is Revealing What would you do with an invisible car? Spies like James Bond have utilized invisible cars to infiltrate their enemies’ lairs and save the day. Evil villains have used them to rob banks and wreck havoc. But a real innovation from Land Rover will have you re-thinking the invisible car, and recognize a practical use that you probably never thought you needed. This new amazing technology from Land Rover is the Transparent Hood, and it revolutionizes your visual abilities while driving: it lets you see what is under the front of your vehicle as you cruise down the road. Now before you think that this Transparent Hood is just made of a clear glass material, think again. If your car’s hood was clear, all you’d be looking at is your running engine (although that would be cool too!) No, this complex system is made up of camera images and projectors that project the road just in front of and underneat ... read more


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