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6 Car Smells Not to Ignore

6 Car Smells Not to Ignore

6 Car Smells Not to Ignore You know that new car smell that you love so much? That smell is actually made up of dozens of fumes and chemicals from the different parts and plastics that makeup your car. Well that smell had to come from somewhere, didn’t it? The same goes for other smells in your car. You can’t always blame a bad smell to something outside of your vehicle, sometimes that smell you’re smelling is you automobile trying to tell you something is wrong with your car! Many people don’t realize that the different smells your car gives off can help you identify what may be causing your car not to run as well as it should. It’s important to pay attention to the way you vehicle smells so you know whether or not you need to take it to your trusted auto repair mechanic to get looked at. Catching problems quickly can save you a lot of time, hassle and money! To help you identify what your car’s fragrances mean, the expert mechanics at Modesti ... read more


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