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CATALYTIC CONVERTER Shield Installation for Toyota Prius Vehicles at Modesti's Car Care Center

If you are a Prius owner, or know someone who is a Prius owner, we have great news! Modesti's is now an installer of the Miller CatShield to help protect Prius catalytic converters from theft!

These are high quality, custom-fit shields available for all Prius models that we are very proud to present to you as a valued client of Modesti's Car Care Center.

Catalytic converters are being stolen in record numbers!

Thieves increasingly target Prius because the prices for precious metals keep skyrocketing. A few minutes is all a thief needs to remove a catalytic converter (CAT) and sell it for hundreds of dollars. 

However, those few minutes will cost a Prius owner at least $2,500 for a replacement converter, installation, O2 sensors, and this doesn't include the time to take off to get the work done!

Miller has designed the most comprehensive and best fitting theft deterrence device on the market!

With a Cat Shield, a would-be thief will see a 3-4 minute hack job turn into a time-consuming, attention-getting project that will deter them from stealing a converter.

Not all shields are created equal!

When thinking of the best protection look no further than the unique combination of security, quality, fitment and convenience that you'll find with Miller CatShields installed by Modesti's Car Care Center. 

Unique Features of Miller CatShields:

  • Design. While there are variations of shields out there, every corner, hole, and louver of a Miller CatShield is designed with specific intentions. For example, even the holes in the Gen 2 were marked to fit perfectly into the dimples of the subframe. Why? Because by doing this the Miller CatShield will sit flush with the vehicle and not create uneven gaps between the shield and car.
  • Security. Miller CatShields use tamper-proof screws to hold the shield in place and allow you to take it off when you need to. What does tamper-proof mean? It means no one will have the security bit to take off the shield and you won't find it at any hardware store.
  • Quality. Miller chooses only the highest quality hardware for their Cat Shield. All hardware is stainless steel and is sourced from domestic suppliers. Only the rivet nuts are not stainless, but they are zinc-coated, which was specifically chosen to protect the shield and vehicle against galvanic rust.
  • Fitment. Miller tests all their products on every model of Prius. Their Shields use spacers and rubber dampeners on some of their applications to ensure the shield fits right and doesn't cause rattling, noise, and vibration. Miller guarantees the best fitment and caution you from other products that are known to hit the exhaust and converter. Miller is the only manufacturer that is willing and able to make a Cat Shield for the Prius V and C that will fit correctly and not rattle.

Give us a call to learn more about installing a Miller CatShield on your Prius - or share this article with a Prius owner who might benefit from this service!

We look forward to helping protect Toyota Prius vehicles from a huge financial loss.

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