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Keep Your Vehicle's Air Conditioning System Working Properly

Keep Your Vehicle's Air Conditioning System Working Properly

Your vehicle's system requires a full discharge every two years and a recharge and top up every year. I'm not getting enough cold air, what's wrong? Not enough cool air, or air that is warmer than usual, is generally caused by: Low refrigerant Loose drive belt Slipping compressor clutch Partially clogged valves or filters Slow leaks in components or hoses Clogs in the evaporator or condenser Why did my air conditioning suddenly stop working? The most common reasons why an air conditioning system will stop working include: Broken or very loose drive belt Blown fuses Broken compressor or compressor clutch Leaks in components, seals or hoses Defects or clogs in the expansion valve, orifice tube, accumulator, receiver-drier, or hoses If you are asking yourself either of these questions, it's time to have your vehicles air conditioning system checked. Finding a solution that corrects the problem now, will help you save on repai ... read more


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