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What is the Measure of a Quality Business?

We are very honored to have one of our long-time clients, Rodney Kemerer, write this great article about his experience at Modesti's over the years:

"What is the measure of a Quality Business? Most would say the quality of the work and the loyalty of long term customers. In the automotive area that can be a hard goal to achieve for two reasons.

One is that people change cars usually every few years and most times the service provider changes with the cars. Second is that mechanics and staff move on to other jobs or locations. With two moving targets it can be hard to judge what is genuine quality automotive service.

What if someone kept the same car for forty-two years and the same people were responsible for keeping it reliable and safe?  Would that be a fair judge of service?  

Fortunately we have that example: My 1978 Honda Accord LX.  

Bought as my first new car and, thanks to Modesti's Car Care Center, it has never been off the road in its entire forty-two year history.

A neighbor had recommended John Modesti's shop to me back in 1978 as a quality independent repair business. It was far from my home but I thought I would give him a chance.

After one visit I have never been anywhere else and the car runs and drives today as well as it did that first day when I pulled into the original shop that was then located across the street.

It is pretty hard to sum up forty-two years of service, but the car itself is the best advertisement for the quality of the work. As for loyal customers, I can tell you I have always been treated like family and never like just another piece of business.

Modesti's Car Care Center is the shining example of a family business run with extraordinary detail and kindness. Just ask my 1978 Honda, she loves the place!"

[--> Read more about the fascinating history of Rodney's 1978 Honda Accord on]

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