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Why It’s Vital That Your Car’s Air Conditioning Works

Why It’s Vital That Your Car’s Air Conditioning Works

Here in Culver City, CA, we’re lucky to have pretty great weather year round. Our average high temperature in the summer is in the high 70s, nothing near as sweltering as the 90 and 100 degree weather that some of our neighboring states experience. So when the air conditioning in your car breaks, do you fix it right away?

You should! As it turns out, you’re not the only one who counts on your vehicle’s cooling system. Your car needs it to function properly as well! We all know that even though it may be hot outside, it will definitely be hotter in a car that isn’t running and sitting in the sun. Not to mention how hot it get inside your car’s engine when it is working to propel you forward.


A Properly Working Cooling System is Vital to Your Vehicle

Did you know that the engine of an average, four-cylinder car creates around 4,000 mini explosions every minute? It’s true! These mini explosions help create the energy that gets your car in motion, but they also emit a lot of heat, raising the temperature under your automobile’s hood. That’s where your car’s cooling system comes into play.

You vehicle relies on its cooling system to remove some of this heat created by the engine so it can continue running properly for you at a steady temperature. Liquid coolant circulates through your vehicle’s engine, absorbing heat as it goes. It then flows into the radiator, which transfers the heat from the liquid to the air blowing through the exchanger. This cools the liquid, allowing it to safely circulate back into the engine to absorb more heat.

Taking Care of Your Car’s AC Repair & Maintenance

To keep your vehicle’s cooling system performing correctly, it’s important that you keep up with any of your car’s AC repair or maintenance services. Check your vehicle’s owners manual to see what it recommends for your particular car, truck, SUV, minivan or hybrid automobile. Typically, we recommend having your car’s air conditioning checked out at least once a year to make sure everything is running properly, keep both you and your car cool. If you need any AC repair in Culver City or the surrounding areas, the expert mechanics at Modesti’s Car Care Center are always happy to help!


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