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  • 5 Modesti's Car Care Center

    Good professional service as usual!

    Thank you Nicole! We try hard to deliver a great experience every time. Nick M. - Modesti's Car Care Center
  • 5 Modesti's Car Care Center

    The service was very professional and thorough.

    Thank you Bill! Nick M. - Modesti's Car Care Center
  • 5 Modesti's Car Care Center

    excellent work, clean facility, very nice driver to take you home and pick you up, and great people to work with.

    Thank you for your comments! Nick M. - Modesti's Car Care Center
  • 5 Modesti's Car Care Center

    As usual, everyone at Modesti's provided professional service and answered all of my questions. I trust the personnel at this facility and will continue to bring my vehicle here for service.

    Thank you Melitta! We appreciate your trust and support. Nick M. - Modesti's Car Care Center
  • 5 Modesti's Car Care Center

    You're all exceptional people...from personalities to greetings to explanations to answering questions. You adhere to the time frames you've estimated and your prices are reasonable. Freddy is not simply a convenience, he's like an extension of the family. I'm sure you know what an asset he is.

    Thank you Mary! Our staff loves to see reviews like this. Nick M. - Modesti's Car Care Center
  • 5 Modesti's Car Care Center

    Jonathan is just always so friendly and helpful, continuing the bond of trust that has existed between your business and our family for over 15 years now. And JT seems cut from the same cloth -- good hiring practices there! Your mechanics do a good job at keeping our cars running smoothly and safely. We wouldn't take them any place else. And here's a plug for Franklin, too, who courteously delivers us to our house and picks us up without complaint.

  • 5 Modesti's Car Care Center

    They are somewhere between "above average" and "excellent" (from the scale above). Friendly people, decent pricing, good communication. They did stick to the prices quoted for the work and had the vehicle done when promised. They are a local shop so they don't wash your vehicle when done like a dealership would do (so that's why I mentioned the above average) but they are in my neighborhood so I can walk there and drop my vehicle (closer to the excellent). But, if you are farther away, they can provide a ride back to your home or office if needed. My vehicle was done on time, the repairs were done properly and the cost was okay. There are a few automotive repair shops on this street so there are options if you are not happy. I was satisfied with the repair and will bring my vehicle back in the future if more service is needed. Good luck!

  • 5 Modesti's Car Care Center

    Professional and highly knowledgeable. Long term care of car has been excellent

  • 5 Modesti's Car Care Center

    Prompt, accurate, and friendly communication.

  • 5 Modesti's Car Care Center

    i made the appointment online, and confirmed online. staff was ready to greet me when i turned in the car, received a ride home and ride back to pick up car. all services performed well. i was even told to check for something else, as they didnt want to perform a service if it had been previously done elsewhere. they didnt want to waste my time and money. Honest and helpful staff!

    Thank you Drue and Walter! Nick M. - Modesti's Car Care Center
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“So Glad we have a great crew at Modesti’s to take care of our car. They listen and try to work with us on scheduling the most important needs. Truly listen to the customer and care…. thanks, sara ross.”
“Love the guys at Modesti’s, who have kept my eight year old Acura running as good as new. If everyone’s car had as good of service, Honda and Toyota would be selling a lot fewer new cars.”
“This was my first time taking my car to Modesti’s. I dealt with Jonathan and he has been very candid about what repairs and maintenance my car needed. The price was also reasonable. Very professional and such a “clean” place. I highly recommend Modesti’s.”
“The service was excellent as always. Both Jonathan and Danny are always very specific as to the condition of the vehicle and exactly what work needs to be done to it in the future.”
“One could not ever go to a business with a higher ethic. I know because I’ve been going to Modesti’s for 34 years!”
“Friendly people and a nice clean place. Competitive pricing and very professional. Too bad they’re closed on Saturdays.”