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Green Repair

Green Auto Repair Services Culver City, CA

Green Repair

Our facility was built with an underground clarifier that catches contaminants before entering the sewer system. This system is inspected by the state of California for proper condition annually. Our facility is also designed with a catch basin in each vehicle work bay, which prevents oil and other automotive fluids from leaking outside of our shop. This means that the fluids from your vehicle stay here and aren’t polluting the environment. Also our office lighting has been retrofitted to conserve electricity.

All Fluids that are drained from your vehicle are recycled by a network of audited and approved recyclers. We have been very careful to choose a waste hauler that is certified, approved by the state of California, and fully insured. This ensures us that the waste from your vehicle is handled properly once it leaves our care.

A water based hot tank is used for cleaning parts. The waste oils from this tank are separated and recycled along with the fluids that are drained from your vehicle.

We participate in battery core exchanges. This means for every battery that we replace it is returned to our vendor and manifested with the state of California. This means that the battery we replaced in your vehicle ends up in a safe place.

Our Good Earthkeeping Award

Earthkeeping Award

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“Love the guys at Modesti’s, who have kept my eight year old Acura running as good as new. If everyone’s car had as good of service, Honda and Toyota would be selling a lot fewer new cars.”
“One could not ever go to a business with a higher ethic. I know because I’ve been going to Modesti’s for 34 years!”
“So Glad we have a great crew at Modesti’s to take care of our car. They listen and try to work with us on scheduling the most important needs. Truly listen to the customer and care…. thanks, sara ross.”
“This was my first time taking my car to Modesti’s. I dealt with Jonathan and he has been very candid about what repairs and maintenance my car needed. The price was also reasonable. Very professional and such a “clean” place. I highly recommend Modesti’s.”
“Friendly people and a nice clean place. Competitive pricing and very professional. Too bad they’re closed on Saturdays.”
“The service was excellent as always. Both Jonathan and Danny are always very specific as to the condition of the vehicle and exactly what work needs to be done to it in the future.”